Go Green With Organic Weed Killer and Fertilizers

Whether you want to save money on gardening products or you are concerned about the environmental hazards of certain chemicals, an organic weed killer is a great alternative to commercial products used for lawn care. Since going organic does not mean that you have to sacrifice the beauty of your perfectly landscaped garden, they managed open new doors for avid gardeners like you. Once you have learned how to suppress weed growth the natural way, you can finally stop depending on herbicides that will eventually wreak havoc on your lawn. Maintaining a garden can be very beneficial but having one also makes you responsible for avoiding the environmental cost associated with traditional lawn care.

Basics of Organic Lawn Care

Now that organic gardening supplies and homemade treatments have become better than ever, you have to consider using an organic weed killer rather than herbicides. To get rid of some of the weeds in your yard, pour boiling water over them or spot-treat them with concentrated vinegar. Both of these methods can effectively kill weeds without leaving traces of harmful chemicals behind. To improve the quality of soil, you can also use organic lawn fertilizer such as cow manure or chicken dung. Most garden stores also offer organic gardening supplies so you can save yourself from the hassle of mixing your own solution for killing weed. If organic supplies seem too expensive, you always have the freedom to stick to homemade options.

Mulching and Soil Solarization

Garden mulch is also an excellent way to switch from herbicide to organic weed killer. By laying mulch of organic matter such as straw, glass clippings, leaves, and chips of wood, you can keep sunlight away from the root of weeds and prevent them from germinating. To get the best results, you have to use approximately two to four inches of mulch to cover your garden soil. You should also replenish them on a regular basis because they organic material will gradually break down.  Soil solarization is also great for suppressing the growth of weed because it uses a polyethylene plastic to seize the heat energy of the sun. It can cause physical, chemical, and biological changes to the soil, which makes it lethal to most weed seeds.

Using Organic Fertilizers

To keep your lawn healthy all year round, you also have to consider using organic fertilizers along with the organic weed killer you prefer. Natural fertilizers are made of carbon-based compounds, which can greatly increase the productivity of plants. Aside from being friendly to the environment, they can also make sure that all the crops you will produce are free of harmful chemicals. It also maintains the structure of soil and improves its capacity to hold nutrients. After a few years of using organic gardening supplies, you will need to use less fertilizer because the soil will already become rich in nutrients.

These are only some of the things you need to remember before going organic. Once you have started to use organic weed killer, fertilizers, and other gardening supplies, you can finally wipe your conscience clean by keeping your garden free of harmful chemicals.

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