p>An organic weed killer is the best alternative to commercial solutions that may leave bending harmful chemicals. Since you can also create natural weed killers from common household items, they can also help you save thousands of dollars on lawn maintenance. Unlike synthetic weed killers, they do not contain harsh ingredients and by products that are harmful to humans as well as pets. Through organic weed control, you will get the peace of mind you deserve while keeping your lawn healthy all year long.

If you have been working diligently to maintain an environment-friendly home, you can already obtain plenty of information about natural lawn care methods. Instead of using herbicides and artificial fertilizers that can harm the environment, you can already use other methods for controlling weeds without spending a fortune. Regardless of what types of weed you need to clear out, an organic weed killer will always be your best option.


Effective Methods for Natural Weed Control

The simplest approach to controlling weed involves the use of mulch. It can suppress the growth of weed by blocking the sunlight and preventing it to reach the soil below. Aside from acting as an effective weed killer, it also feeds your soil and keeps termites away from your home. Mulch also evens out the drainage of your garden and deters the growth of mold colonies in areas that are subjected to high humidity levels. You can also try using weed control fabric to double the sun-blocking effect of mulch.

Flame weeding is also a great way to suppress weed growth. It will require you to use a vapor torch that will burn weeds before they mature. This method is effective because it can destroy the cell structure of weeds as well as the supply of sugar to their roots. You have to exercise it with great caution because one slight mistake may cause damage to your property. It is also best for areas such as cracks in your driveway and in-between rows of crops.

Other Natural Options for Weed Control

Bleach and vinegar are also great for suppressing weed growth. To prepare the vinegar solution, you have to mix four ounces of lemon juice with one quart of vinegar in a spray bottle. For best results, spot-treat the weeds and use the spray during the hottest time of the day to give the solution an added boost. For the bleach solution, you can use common bleach and enough water to reduce its strength by up to four percent. Spray them on weeds and apply often until all the weeds are gone.

After clearing up patches of your lawn, it is not advisable to leave it unprotected. You can either re-seed mulch or use any organic lawn care product that suits your budget and needs. Otherwise, those sneaky and stubborn weeds will grow their roots back and put all your efforts to waste. You can also grow other plants such as creeping thyme, a great ground cover that can naturally deter the growth of weeds. Once you have found an organic weed killer that works best for your lawn, you can finally keep it free from weeds all year round.